SUSAN SHABANGU susan_shaba at
Fri Aug 15 09:51:01 CDT 2003

Dear Friend,

I am MRS SUSAN SHABANGU, a mother of three children and the Deputy 
Minister of Minerals and Energy since 1st April 1996 to date under the 
President of South Africa MR THABO MBEKI. You can view my profile at my 

After discussing with my children, I decided to contact you for 
your assistance in assisting us in clearing a huge sum of money which 
my husband deposited with a finance and security company in Holland we 
want you to stand as the beneficiary of this money because I can not do 
it due to my position in govenrment. 

My husband Mr Ndelebe Shabangu died while he was on a business trip to 
Trinidad and Tobago in 2002.  After his death, I discovered that he had 
some funds in a dollar account which mounted to with this finance and 
security company in Holland.

This money emanated as a result of an over-invoiced contract which he 
executed with the Government of South Africa. Though I assisted him in 
getting this contract but I never knew that it was over-invoiced by 
him. I am afraid that the government of South Africa might start to 
investigate on contracts awarded from 1998 to date and if this is 
discovered, they will confiscate it and seize his assets here in South 
Africa and this will definetely affect my political career and position in 

I want your assistance in clearing this money from the finance and 
security company in Holland and as soon as the money is cleared, you are 
expected to move it immediately into another personal bank 
account in your country. As soon as you have confirmed the fund into 
your account, I will send my eldest son with my Attorney to come to your 
country to discuss on business investments.

For your assistance, I will offer you a certain percentage of this 
amount as we will agree upon. However, you have to assure me and also be 
ready to  go into agreement with me that you will not elope with the 
money upon transfer by you.

If you agree to my terms, kindly as a matter of urgency send me an 
email. Due to my sensitive position in the South African Government, I 
would not WANT you to call me on phone or send a fax to me. All 
correspondence must be by email to my private email or if I have your phone number 
I will endeavour to call you from time to time and when it  is 
convinient to do so.

If you want to speak with my Attorney, that is fine and okay by me. His 
chambers will be representing my interest with you. All correspondence 
must be made either to my Attorney Barrister Ayon Richard of kuramo 
lodge chambers on ayon.richard at or send me an email. I will 
also like you to give me your contact address, telephone, fax and 
email to enable my Attorney call or reach you from time to time. I 
shall explian to you what to do and how much that is involved when I hear 
from you.

Please I do not need to remind you of the need for absolute 
Confidentiality if this transaction must succeed. YOU MUST NOT CALL ME! 
If you do not feel comfortable with this transaction, do not hesitate 
to discontinue.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and my regards to your

Yours faithfully,

Deputy Minister of Minerals and Energy
South Africa

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