kickstarting a 2600

Wendy.Faulkner wfaulkne at
Thu Aug 14 15:24:00 CDT 2003

I found a megaraid_2002 driver which was on a boot diskette and I merged
that into my kickstart.  I see it load during the kickstart, but I still
get "An error has occurred - no valid devices were found on which to
create new filesystems."

I have a PERC 4 controller in the 2600.  The last error in the alt-f4
window is:

md: raid5 personality registered as nr4
Journalled block device driver loaded
hda: packet command error: status 0x51 (Drive Ready SeekComplete Error)
hda: packet command error=0x54
ATAPI device hda
Error Illegal request -- Sense key 0x05
Invalid field in command packet -- (asc=0x24, ascq=0x00)
The failed Start/Stop Unit packet command was:
"1b 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00"
cdrom: open failed

Any clues?  A better driver?

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