kickstarting a 2600

Philip Rowlands phr at
Thu Aug 14 10:48:01 CDT 2003

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Wendy.Faulkner wrote:

>I've been having a devil of a time kickstarting a Poweredge 2600.  Its
>got a gigabit card in it, and everytime it will load the kernel from the
>tftp server, and then die because of a wrong ethernet driver.  I have
>the source for the e1000.o module,  but I need the src for the
>2.4.9-e.3BOOT kernel - if I boot a box off of the BOOT kernel, but only have
>the 2.4.9-e.3 source installed, compiling the e1000 module  warns me that
>the source code isn't the same as the running kernel and it probably
>won't work.

Which version of Redhat? Have you tried using the kernel and
initrd-everything.img, e.g. from

That initrd file contains all supported drivers, including e1000.


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