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Thu Aug 14 10:08:00 CDT 2003

Can anyone point me to docs that describe how you can 
point to different System.maps?
For example, on our SuSE 8.2 system, the kernel installed 
points to /boot/, and this is 
"mapped" to the installed kernel that the SuSE installation 
gave me.  GRUB is the boot loader.
Ultimately we want to connect our EMC Clarion drive
system to this new Dell 6650, but the Emulex LP9002 
installation keeps telling me that the compilation was 
for a 4GB Kernel and the running Kernel is a 64GB kernel.  
chewy:/usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/lpfc # insmod lpfcdd
Using /lib/modules/2.4.20-64GB-SMP/kernel/drivers/scsi/lpfcdd.o
/lib/modules/2.4.20-64GB-SMP/kernel/drivers/scsi/lpfcdd.o: kernel-module
version mismatch
        /lib/modules/2.4.20-64GB-SMP/kernel/drivers/scsi/lpfcdd.o was
compiled for kernel version 2.4.20-4GB
        while this kernel is version 2.4.20-64GB-SMP.

The Emulex make looks at "uname -r" as the kernel to 
build against.  Yes, I have tried to hack around this
So I figured, ok, fine, compile my own kernel and get away from 
the default installed kernel... sigh...
I compiled a 2.4.21 Kernel, and finally found extremely 
limited/cryptic docs on mk_initrd, so I could get that
part working but still cannot find docs on 
and how to config the system to point to a specific with a specific kernel.  I'm guessing this is
why it's not booting up but don't know for sure.  The whole 
point is to get the new kernel as a choice in GRUB without 
wiping out the installed kernel, and to have a kernel that 
is compatible with the Emulex SAN card so the drivers will 
compile correctly.  
Right now I get "Kernel panic...can't find sda3, please append root=
I'd show you the error but boot.msg is overwritten once the system is
back on the air.
Yes, GRUB is configured correctly:
color white/blue black/light-gray
default 0
gfxmenu (hd0,2)/boot/message
timeout 30
title linux
    kernel (hd0,2)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda3 vga=0x317  splash=silent
    initrd (hd0,2)/boot/initrd
title floppy
    root (fd0)
    chainloader +1
title failsafe
    kernel (hd0,2)/boot/vmlinuz.shipped root=/dev/sda3 showopts
ide=nodma apm=off acpi=off vga=normal nosmp noapic maxcpus=0 3
    initrd (hd0,2)/boot/initrd.shipped
title 2.4.21
    kernel (hd0,2)/boot/chewy.kernel root=/dev/sda3 vga=0x317 showopts
    initrd (hd0,2)/boot/chewy.initrd
Chewy is the name of our system, and so I named the new 2.4.21 kernel
Here is the output from mk_initrd:
chewy:/boot # mk_initrd
using "/dev/sda3" as root device (mounted on "/" as "reiserfs")
creating initrd "/boot/initrd" for kernel "/boot/vmlinuz"
(version 2.4.20-64GB-SMP)
 - insmod aic7xxx             (kernel/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx.o)
 - insmod reiserfs            (kernel/fs/reiserfs/reiserfs.o)
 - insmod megaraid            (kernel/drivers/scsi/megaraid.o)
 - splash picture (1024x768)
creating initrd "/boot/initrd.shipped" for kernel
(version 2.4.20-64GB-SMP)
 - insmod aic7xxx             (kernel/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx.o)
 - insmod reiserfs            (kernel/fs/reiserfs/reiserfs.o)
 - insmod megaraid            (kernel/drivers/scsi/megaraid.o)
 - splash picture (1024x768)
creating initrd "/boot/chewy.initrd" for kernel "/boot/chewy.kernel"
(version 2.4.21)
 - insmod scsi_mod            (kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o)
 - insmod aic7xxx             (kernel/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx.o)
 - insmod reiserfs            (kernel/fs/reiserfs/reiserfs.o)
 - insmod megaraid            (kernel/drivers/scsi/megaraid.o)
 - splash picture (1024x768)

This is driving me nuts.  The system boots fine from the stock 
Any help would be appreciated.
Tim Schaefer
Project Manager, Data Base Administration
Data Warehouse Corporation, Boca Raton, FL
1-561-237-0082    1-888-707-7600 ext. 223
tschaefer at <mailto:tschaefer at> <> 
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