networking problem in kernel 2.4.21 nagataki at
Thu Aug 14 01:17:01 CDT 2003


I have a networking problem in kernel 2.4.21.
I'm using Redhat7.3 on Dell PowerEdge2600 dual 2.0GHz processors(Xeon).

The problem is that the server(kernel:2.4.21) can't connect to the network.
"Ping" to the other servers (those locate in the internet and local-network) reply "Host Unreachable".
Two NIC drivers(e1000,eepro100) are built in kernel,not as modules.

I want to know wrong points of my methods below.

I'll describe environment more detail.
1.Dell PowerEdge 2600
2.2.0GHz intel-Xeon processor(Dual) E7500 chipset
5.36GB(U320 SCSI HDD) x3
7.PERC4-DI(128MBytes) Gigabit NIC & intel Pro/100S v6.0 NIC

<Kernel Configuration>
(Networking options)
<*> Packet socket
[*] Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains)
[*] Socket Filtering
<*> Unix domain sockets
[*] TCP/IP networking
[*]   IP: multicasting
[*]   IP: kernel level autoconfiguration
[*]     IP: DHCP support
[*]     IP: BOOTP support
  IP: Netfilter Configuration  --->
<*> Connection tracking (required for masq/NAT)
<*>   FTP protocol support
<*>   Amanda protocol support
<*>   TFTP protocol support
<*>   IRC protocol support
<*> IP tables support (required for filtering/masq/NAT)
<*>   limit match support
<*>   MAC address match support
<*>   Packet type match support
<*>   netfilter MARK match support
<*>   Multiple port match support
<*>   TOS match support
<*>   ECN match support
<*>   DSCP match support
<*>   AH/ESP match support
<*>   LENGTH match support
<*>   TTL match support
<*>   tcpmss match support
<*>   Helper match support
<*>   Connection state match support
<*>   Connection tracking match support
<*>   Packet filtering
<*>     REJECT target support
<*>   Full NAT
<*>     MASQUERADE target support
<*>     REDIRECT target support
[*]     NAT of local connections (READ HELP)
<*>   Packet mangling
<*>     TOS target support
<*>     ECN target support
<*>     DSCP target support
<*>     MARK target support
<*>   LOG target support
<*>   ULOG target support
<*>   TCPMSS target support
<*> ARP tables support
<*>   ARP packet filtering


Thanks in advance.



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