Compiling MegaRAID module

Álvaro Palma apalma at
Wed Aug 13 13:12:01 CDT 2003

Mensaje citado por syn uw <syn_uw at>:

> Hello,
> I just downloaded the MegaRAID Linux module driver from now 
> I've got one .h and one .c file but unfortunately no Makefiles. What is the
> exact parameters which I need to pass to gcc to compile this driver ?

Better than that, download a kernel source, change the default driver for this
one and compile the custom kernel. I tried to compile the driver separately, but
it didn't work, even after rebuild the RAMdisk, always got kernel panics at boot.

BTW, what version of the megaraid driver did you download? I advice you to try
the 2.00.7 (patched for 2.4 kernels), it works a lot faster (aprox twice) than 1.18.

Álvaro Palma

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