Linux compatibility with Oracle 8.1.7 and Dell PE2650

Gavin Durman durman at
Wed Aug 13 08:28:01 CDT 2003

I'm doing the same on a 6650, and the compatible versions are RH7.x (I'm
sure 7.2, and maybe 7.3, Oracle's site or RH's site will have the
exacts) and RH Enterprise. There are several gotchas that I'm running
into that I can document for anyone interested...

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>>> "Gould Jr, Bob -AES" <Bob.GouldJr at> 8/13/2003 9:11:18 AM


I'm constrained by previous development to running Oracle 8.1.7 in a
environment, but the new server hardware was delivered with Linux 8.0. 
need to find a compatible combination of Oracle 8.1.7, Linux and the


Any suggestions?




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