2650 .config files

John Logsdon j.logsdon at quantex-research.com
Wed Aug 13 08:18:01 CDT 2003


Is there anywhere either on the Dell site (I can't find it) or anywhere
else a set of .config kernel files that I can import into a new
compilation?  It would save me hunting round for example for the correct
Adaptec low level device driver to install.

Clearly there has to be some modification - whether you have Gb of memory,
how many processors there are (well for Xeons this it is always smp
anyway) but a repository of such config files for all to use would make it
much easier to compile a bespoke kernel since we could import all the
most of the correct options to start with. 

Any sources?  Ideally with a minimal and maximal subset of options.



PS Kernel purists might rotate their bits of course - tut tut if you can't
read the manual etc. stick to the standards - but learning is such a
wonderful thing we should all be able to do it.

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