perc4 vs. perc3

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Tue Aug 12 23:46:01 CDT 2003

Thank you for responding.

Here is my situation: I have a Dell PowerEdge 2550, Red Hat 7.2 was
installed using a PERC4/Di driver.  The person used this driver without
knowing what PERC controller the machine had.  The OS installed fine and
applications run fine, however, I'm concerned that we will run into problems
in the future since the person basically used the PERC 4/Di driver at
random.  How dangerous would it be to leave the machine with its current
configuration (i.e. using a PERC 4/Di driver on a machine that probably has
some version of the PERC 3 controller)??  

Will I be able to tell what version the PERC controller really is (or does
it now think it has a PERC 4/Di controller since that driver was used)?  I
didn't see it in the startup run and I'm not sure what DOMSA.

thank you again.

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On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Chang, Kristen wrote:

> Does anyone know if you can use a PERC4 driver for a PERC3 machine?
> would problems occur?

the question isn't very parseable.  there are various sorts of perc4 and
perc3 cards and drivers.  the perc2/3 Si/Di are adaptec based raid
the perc 2/3 SC/DC/QC cards appears to be AMI based controllers.  the
perc 4
appears to be a LSI based controller.

so the short answer is 'no' but the more useful answer is 'the linux
should probably have perc4 support by now, e.g in redhat linux 9 or

> Also, I have been given a machine with some sort of PERC
configuration, how
> can I tell what the "level" of PERC is (i.e. 2, 3 or 4)?

it might depend on the age/type of machine.  if you already have an OS
then then DOMSA should give you this information if installed.

otherwise you might be able to glean this info from watching a startup
of the machine on the console.



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