MTX not working with PV 122T

Matthew Monahan monahan at
Tue Aug 12 09:37:00 CDT 2003


Thanks for the info.  The problem that I am having is that mtx hangs when I:

  mtx -f /dev/sg0 inquiry
  mtx -f /dev/sg0 status
  mtx -f /dev/sg1 inquiry
  mtx -f /dev/sg1 status

same for load/unload/next on both of the sg devices.

> # ! /bin/sh
> # Unload Sunday's tape from slot 1
> /usr/local/sbin/mtx -f  /dev/sg1 unload 1
> # Load Monday's tape from slot 2
> /usr/local/sbin/mtx -f /dev/sg1 load 2

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