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Anderson, Seth R Seth.Anderson at
Mon Aug 11 14:10:01 CDT 2003

Can anyone tell me how to do the following in Slackware 9.0?
      1.  Boot your system with Red Hat Linux 7.2 CD 1
      2.  At the "boot" prompt, type "expert noprobe"
      3.  Say "No" when asked "Do you have a driver disk"
      4.  Choose a language, keyboard type, and installation method
      5.  Select "Add Device" when you get to "Devices" section
      6.  Select "SCSI" as "Device" type
      7.  Move down cursor to "Adaptec AACRAID (aacraid)", choose the
"Specify module parameters" box 
      8.  On the popped window, 
            * For PowerEdge 1650, enter 
            * For PowerEdge 2650, enter
9.        If you want to load other drivers, choose "Add device"
otherwise choose "Done" and continue with the installation.
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