dellmgr not working anymore since upgrade to 1.80 firmware

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Sun Aug 10 08:57:01 CDT 2003

> Thanks again for your reply... What I will do is then simply use the
> megaraid driver from version 1.18i as you recommend.

> Now I have a last question and this is regarding rebuilding Debian's kernel
> (using make-kpkg), do you maybe know (or someone else on this list) how I
> can include an external module to the kernel package generated by make-kpkg
> ? My goal is to compile the Linux kernel 2.4.21 without it's megaraid driver
> and then integrate the module which comes from lsi logic into the package.
> But I don't really see how I can do that... Any ideas ?

DKMS? :-)

It's designed for exactly this type of work.  No one has made a dkms.conf
file for megaraid yet, but it shouldn't be hard.  Volunteers?


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