dellmgr not working anymore since upgrade to 1.80 firmware

syn uw syn_uw at
Sun Aug 10 08:05:00 CDT 2003

Hi Matt,

Thanks again for your reply... What I will do is then simply use the 
megaraid driver from version 1.18i as you recommend.

Now I have a last question and this is regarding rebuilding Debian's kernel 
(using make-kpkg), do you maybe know (or someone else on this list) how I 
can include an external module to the kernel package generated by make-kpkg 
? My goal is to compile the Linux kernel 2.4.21 without it's megaraid driver 
and then integrate the module which comes from lsi logic into the package. 
But I don't really see how I can do that... Any ideas ?


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>Subject: Re: dellmgr not working anymore since upgrade to 1.80 firmware
>Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 10:26:30 -0500 (CDT)
> > Ok that explains now why the Linux megaraid 1.18f driver doesn't work. 
> > you would suggest me to go on and download and use a driver
> > from there right as kernel loadable module ?
>yes.  megaraid 1.18i is quite stable, megaraid2 2.00.7 is in pretty good
>shape, but has had less public exposure, thus may have more problems which
>haven't yet been reported, but is in pretty good shape.
> > We have two disks to form a RAID 1 logical volume.
>Either 1.18i or 2.00.7 should work fine for you.
> > Also do you think that this problem will disapear in Linux kernel 2.4.22
> > when it comes out ?
>I haven't seen 1.18i be included in Marcelo's tree yet.  I suspect the LSI
>folks need to submit a patch to him yet.  I know they sent the whole .c
>and .h files for it, but I know Marcelo would prefer to see just the patch
>sent to linux-kernel.
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