dellmgr not working anymore since upgrade to 1.80 firmware

syn uw syn_uw at
Sat Aug 9 04:29:00 CDT 2003

Ok that explains now why the Linux megaraid 1.18f driver doesn't work. So 
you would suggest me to go on and download and use a driver 
from there right as kernel loadable module ?

Now I had a look on and there 
are quite a few different versions, which one would you suggest me to use 
for a PE2650 GNU/Debian Linux production server ?
We have two disks to form a RAID 1 logical volume.

Also do you think that this problem will disapear in Linux kernel 2.4.22 
when it comes out ?


>From: Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch at>
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>Subject: Re: dellmgr not working anymore since upgrade to 1.80 firmware
>Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 23:39:56 -0500 (CDT)
> > Would then the megaraid.c module also be broken in the official Linux 
> > 2.4.21 which comes from ???
>Quite possibly.  1.18f on (or at least in the -ac tree)
>received what seemed to be a safe security-related change (essentially, be
>sure to zero out a structure before use), however, that struct is
>partially owned by the adapter firmware, partially owned by the driver
>(suggestions have been submitted to LSI to split this up to make it more
>obvious), and it's that change that broke dellmgr and related apps.  As
>far as I know, the driver versions on never received this
>change, thus still work.
>Matt Domsch
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