Visio Template for 2161DS switch Jeremy_Sheard at
Fri Aug 8 13:08:01 CDT 2003

>From: Bob Becker [mailto:BBecker at]

>Any shot at a visio icon of the 2161DS floating around Dell? The Visio's
available for download don't have the 2161DS, but the ones available are


I have an update for you. Dell will be getting a Visio Template for the
PE2161DS (Remote Console Switch).  However, it won't be available for about
another month or so.  There are many steps that are involved in making these
templetes along with getting all the high-quality digital pictures.  FYI...I
have been told that we send our templates over to Microsoft to be designed.

If you would like to check periodically to see if we have posted the 2161DS
Visio Template, you may go to this website:


Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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