_Simple_ hardware monitoring setup

Troels Arvin ta at bellcom.dk
Fri Aug 8 08:26:01 CDT 2003


I want to monitor the temperature of a PowerEdge server running Red Hat

I've downloaded some Dell software which
 - requires SNMP
 - seems to require Xserver capabilities
 - opens a bunch of processes
 - opens strange PPP interfaces and connections
 - when un-installed leaves a lot of broken links
   in /usr/sbin
 - is over-documented (i.e. the documentation talks
   and talks about obvious stuff, hiding the essential

Isn't it possible to get basic hardware monitoring running without all
that bloatware junk?

If not:
 - I have configured my SNMP daemon to only listen on
   localhost and to use non-default community strings. Should
   I adjust some Dell software configuration options as a 
 - It _must_ be possible to cut down on the number of daemons
   running? What services (in /etc/init.d) are _really_ 
 - The web-server process which is supposed to be running
   after installation of the manager software, isn't
   running. What log-file should I consult to see what's
 - The software seems to start a VNC-server. What's
   the password for the VNC server?

If someone can save me a day of reading, experimenting, etc., it would
be great.

Troels Arvin <ta at bellcom.dk>

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