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This isn't really the list, but the integrated RAID (PERC 3DI) can be
enabled once the RAID Enabler Key, battery and associated memory is
purchased and installed.
The Backplane can then be configured in split-mode (1x2, 1x3) when the
daughter-card is installed in the backplane. The cableless design will take
care of the rest.

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2650 System Overview
has following sayings:


System Board Features


An integrated, dual-channel Ultra3 SCSI host adapter. The internal
channel supports up to five SCSI hard drives on a 1 x 5 or 2/3 split
SCSI backplane and provides internal RAID support. The SCSI backplane
automatically configures SCSI ID numbers and SCSI termination on
individual hard drives, greatly simplifying drive installation.

In my case I think the integrated scsi adapter is Adaptec AIC-7899. I
was wondering how can I utilize its "internal RAID support" mentioned
above (I suspect 7899's RAID ability though). And how can I change from
1 x 5 to 2/3 split (the way to use both Channel A and B ?)


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