RAID with 2650 integrated SCSI ?

Alan d1 at
Fri Aug 8 01:46:01 CDT 2003

2650 System Overview
has following sayings:


System Board Features


An integrated, dual-channel Ultra3 SCSI host adapter. The internal
channel supports up to five SCSI hard drives on a 1 x 5 or 2/3 split
SCSI backplane and provides internal RAID support. The SCSI backplane
automatically configures SCSI ID numbers and SCSI termination on
individual hard drives, greatly simplifying drive installation.

In my case I think the integrated scsi adapter is Adaptec AIC-7899. I
was wondering how can I utilize its "internal RAID support" mentioned
above (I suspect 7899's RAID ability though). And how can I change from
1 x 5 to 2/3 split (the way to use both Channel A and B ?)


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