dellmgr not working anymore since upgrade to 1.80 firmware

syn uw syn_uw at
Thu Aug 7 19:42:00 CDT 2003


I just upgraded the firmware of my PERC 3/DC (AMI MegaRAID) card to it's 
latest which is 1.80, I've found the new firmware on DELL's website. Btw: 
this is in a PE2650.

Now the problem that I have, I am used to use dellmgr from Linux to go into 
the BIOS of the RAID card but since the firmware upgrade it won't work 
anymore when I run dellmgr I get the following messages:

Failed to Know Fw type
Failed NVRAM Configuration
Error Reading Configuration
No Adapters Found

And then it quits... Is this somehow normal ? Or is there maybe an upgrade 
for dellmgr ? If yes where can I find it ?

Many thanks

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