Linux-PowerEdge digest, Vol 2 #433 - 11 msgs

Bill Rankin wrankin at
Thu Aug 7 11:53:01 CDT 2003


> I got more info from our developers. The problem we are having is the
> current limitation is 1gig in heap and 2gig in shared memory. Unfortunately,
> exceeding one of these is enough to start failing allocation, so we've seen
> ourselves go down around 1.8 gig allocated. (Exceeded the 1gig heap limit at
> this threshold, so the fact that more shared was theoretically available
> didn't help.)

Well, without having gone and poured over the actualy mods, if the upper
memory limit is raised to 4GB, this should give you 3GB for your stack
and big mallocs.  Your heap space would most likely not change.

Here is an older discussion of the issue from the Kernel mailing list:


The problem that we have seen around here is certain FORTRAN compilers
that apparently allocate arrays off of program/heap space and thus bomb
out at 1GB.

Hope this helps,


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