New linux install on PE2400

Matt Egan mbegan at
Thu Aug 7 10:50:00 CDT 2003

I have Redhat 9 running on a PE2400. it has a perc2 (Adaptec). Everything seems to be running fine. (only been up a month or so though)

I was able to get the Server administartor (OMSA) installed (sorta a headache) and the afacli works well. So I'm working on some scripts that will send me reports of any bad happenings. (power supply, fan, memory issues, or hard drive failure/overheat).

Install was a breeze. I didn't use the Dell tools to install Redhat.

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>I have just bought a used PE2400 and wish to install Linux on 
>it. I have gathered that the recommended distribution is 
>RedHat, but can not find _which_ RedHat I should use. Could I 
>go with any late version or is there a specific one that I 
>should install?
>Furthermore, are there any problems with installing the latest 
>Mandrake instead?
>Just checking before I go ahead and bang my head against the 
>wall... ;-)
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