Accessing monitoring webpage on Debian

Dave Sobel dave at
Thu Aug 7 09:24:00 CDT 2003


I've asked many of the same questions you've asked, and so far no one 
has enlightened me.   I also have the debs running, and they seem happy.

I'm hoping someone on the list, or even someone at Dell, might give us 
a little more input.

In the archives, you can see my post about my current status -- I have 
the agents running, and have tried to 'port' omreport over so I'd at 
least have a command line too, to no success.



Can you help us?


On Thursday, August 7, 2003, at 03:53 AM, Chris Higham wrote:

> Hi All,
> I note this has been asked a couple of times in the archives but not
> definitive answer has been given.  I've install the two debs from 
> Matt's
> site for the omsa and they compiled, did their thing and are running 
> happily
> now.  I'm a bit confused about what to do next though.  I'd like to 
> see the
> management webpages as they're described but I can't access
>  - do I have to do something in inetd.conf to 
> make
> it work?  Have I missed an obvious step?
> Failing that, is there something from dell that will run on a windows 
> box
> and connect to the snmp that's running?  I've tried their openmanage
> software but again I've had no luck, I think the software I was using 
> was
> more interested in connecting to the DRAC cards than the openmanage
> software.
> Sorry if it's all obvious questions, thanks for any help!
> Chris.
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