Dellomsa-drivers on Debian 2.4.20 kernel

Ronny Adsetts ronny.adsetts at
Thu Aug 7 03:54:00 CDT 2003

syn uw wrote:
> Just by curiosity where did you find this ".deb" packages 
> dellomsa-drivers_4.90-3825_i386.deb ?

Try here:

> I thought dell only provided RPM's that's why I am wondering and I am 
> also using Debian so if there is a good source for Dell Debian packages 
> I would be very interested ;-)

AFAIK, it's not supported, and not all the Dell tools are available 
(though I gather that the other tools can be installed... using alien?).

It would be nice if someone who has done it could knock up a quick howto 
  for running Debian on Dell boxes, Dell's tools included. Perhaps an 
unofficial deb repository could be setup... just early morning ideas :¬)

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