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Still hoping someone will answer this, as I'm interested too. Did I miss the
answer? I'm experimenting with a spare PE 2540, using the RedHat 9
downloadable ISOs.



>>> "Brian E. Seppanen" <seppy at> 08/04/03 07:33AM >>>
Is it possible to download an ISO of the latest Server Assistant CD?   The 
reason I'd ask is I'd like to be able to install RedHat 9 with the 
Utilities partition.   The last Server Assistant CD I have will only work 
up to RedHat 7.3.

No.  We do not have the Dell Server Assistant (DSA) CD available for
download.  If you did not receive the DSA CD with your PowerEdge server or
the CD's are scratched, damaged, etc. then you may call into Server
Technical Support and we can send you another replacement of the CD's.
Currently, the ONLY version of the DSA that supports RH 9 is DSA v7.4.
Below are the P/N's and the RH Linux O/S's that the DSA CD Supports.

Version:    P/N:      	O/S Versions:
7.3		7X375		RH 7.3 and RH 8.0
7.3.3		4Y131		RH 7.3 and RH 8.0
7.4		T1709		RH 9 and RH AS 2.1

Hope this helps...

Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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