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Wed Aug 6 09:07:01 CDT 2003

From: Joe Stevens [mailto:joe at]

>We recently were shipped two PE2600's with the PERC4 raid controler and
>6 internal HDDs.  When setting up the OS (RedHat 9) from the Dell Setup
>CD, it offers an option to use "RAID 10", but if that options is
>selected it gives an error.  When RAID 5 is selected, everything works

>I also tried to use the PERC's setup utility (control-m) at boot, and
>WebBIOS to setup the disks as raid 10, but I couldn't even find it
>listed as an option anywhere.

>Can anyone tell me how this can be accomplished?  I would like to set
>both servers up as striping accross 3 mirrors of two disks each.

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong but if im not mistaken, for you to setup a
RAID 10, you have to use the SPAN (i.e. CANSPAN) option in Ctrl-M when you
are setting up your Raid arrays.

Exmaple, if you go into Ctrl-M, select: Configure --> New Configuration -->
Proceed "Yes" --> Hit spacebar on two Hard drives (ID#0 and ID#1), then hit
spacebar again on ID#2 and ID#3.  Hit ENTER twice.  Now, in the Logical
Drive "00" box, you have an option for Span = xx (xx = yes or no).  I
believe this should resolve your issue.

For additional information on the PERC4/DI:

Dell™ PowerEdge™ Expandable RAID Controller 4/Di (User's Guide):

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