RAID 10 on a PE2600/Perc4

Joe Stevens joe at
Wed Aug 6 04:58:00 CDT 2003


We recently were shipped two PE2600's with the PERC4 raid controler and
6 internal HDDs.  When setting up the OS (RedHat 9) from the Dell Setup
CD, it offers an option to use "RAID 10", but if that options is
selected it gives an error.  When RAID 5 is selected, everything works fine.

I also tried to use the PERC's setup utility (control-m) at boot, and
WebBIOS to setup the disks as raid 10, but I couldn't even find it
listed as an option anywhere.

Can anyone tell me how this can be accomplished?  I would like to set
both servers up as striping accross 3 mirrors of two disks each.



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