PE2650 / Perc 3Di crash

James Bourne jbourne at
Tue Aug 5 20:45:38 CDT 2003

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, Salyzyn, Mark wrote:

> Deanna no longer works for Adaptec :-(. I have been instructed to replace
> her duties regarding the aacraid and dpt_i2o drivers for Linux.
> 2.4.22-pre6-ac1 has 100 ...
> James Bourne has already indicated that with 100, the problem still occurs.
> Can someone experiment with, lets say, 64 on an offending system? Adaptec

I've updated my 2.4.20 to aacraid driver from 2.4.22-pre10 and changed
AAC_NUM_IO_FIB to 64 in this build.  I'll also turn write caching back on
in the controller as we know that is required to cause a crash (or
at least I've not been able to crash the crontroller/driver without it on).

James Bourne

> *is* exploring how to get back to 512 reliably on all variants of adapters,
> but I must remind you that not all adapters have this `low' limit. This is
> but a case of least common denominator ...
> Good on the verify not finding an issue, this means that you are more likely
> to have *this* bug rather than the a troublesome drive, but it does not
> necessarily mean that you do not have a troublesome drive. There is a
> possibility that the combination of outstanding commands and error recovery
> on troublesome drives could be giving us your headache.
> Sincerely -- Mark Salyzyn

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