Q's on replacing a drive in a RAID 5 on Perc3/di (2650)

Steve_Boley@Dell.com Steve_Boley at Dell.com
Tue Aug 5 18:00:00 CDT 2003

Well if it has the exclamation mark it means it is still seen
by the system but is failed.  You have to do 
'disk remove dead_orphan partitions (xx,xx,xx)' 
before you do the enclosure commands.

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I recently had a drive fail ("!" in the disk list), and went to replace 
it. I wanted to check that I did the "right" thing (although I don't 
think I did, since the RAID container blew up).

When a disk goes to "!" status, what's the correct thing to do?
	Rebuild it?
	Replace it with a new drive, per below steps?
	What if, after step 2 (below), it doesn't show as ready; as in the 
lights on the disk are still on and won't go off?


To replace a drive (list readers: check these steps; don't hold me to 
	1. prepare slot to remove drive:
	enclosure prepare slot # #  (ie, 0 2 for container 0, disk slot 2)
	2. check that it's ready to remove:
	enclosure show slot # #
	3. Remove drive and do enclosure prepare slot again to reactivate
be missing member
	enclosure prepare slot # #
	4. rescan - might take 10 seconds?
	controller rescan
	5. Insert new drive, should auto initalize and start rebuild. Task 
list to follow progress:
	task list

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