Latest release of BCM5700 driver for PE2650

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at
Tue Aug 5 13:48:00 CDT 2003

Steve_Boley at wrote:
> So your driver's too good and smoking out the under layers ;).

hehehe :)

Actually, to be blunt, I and the other kernel developers would rather 
that the hardware vendor maintain the Linux driver.  Intel is a 
_fantastic_ example of hardware vendor "doing it right":  they listen to 
developer and user feedback, incorporate necessary changes, and in 
general play well with the open source community.  I am more than happy 
to stay out of the way and let Intel continue maintain the e100 and 
e1000 drivers.

For BroadCom -- in the past (I emphasize) -- they did everything wrong. 
  Ignored critical bugs we pointed out again and again.  Unwilling to 
change the driver source to make it acceptable for the upstream Linux 
kernel.  BroadCom has very recently started communicating with open 
source developers (myself, DaveM, and others) and have been supporting 
our tg3 efforts with documentation, hardware, and technical assistance.

I would love to transition to BroadCom maintaining tg3, but them getting 
bcm5700 into the kernel at this point just looks highly unlikely, for 
many reasons.


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