Latest release of BCM5700 driver for PE2650

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at
Tue Aug 5 13:24:00 CDT 2003

Steve Snodgrass wrote:
> I'm not Dell, but I can tell you that I've been unable to use any kernel
> later than 2.4.18-27, most likely due to tg3 problems.  Every 2.4.20 kernel
> that Red Hat has released (under 7.3 anyway) consistently dies with a stack
> overflow within a week on my PE2550 firewall/router that's running VLANs on
> a tg3 interface.
> I was wondering if anyone else on the list has seen this.  See these
> Bugzilla entries for more info:

The stack overflows have nothing to do with tg3; tg3 only "hogs" the 
stack in a non-critical location, on a non-critical path:  the "ethtool" 
utility handling.  As you can see from the second bug (91566), it has 
nothing to do specifically with tg3; the second bug report involves the 
e100 driver.

The stack overflows are not "most likely due to tg3 problems", they are 
independent of the driver.  Further, one can see that the tg3 driver 
that works in 2.4.18-27 is basically the same as the one in Red Hat's 
2.4.20 kernels -- no stack usage increases.

So, this is definitely a problem that Red Hat needs to know about, but 
it's not a tg3 problem.


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