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I am sorry if there was any miscommunication. I'm sure most Dell employees
(including myself) have recommended both drivers in the past for various
reasons. In general, Dell recommends the updated drivers that are available
for download from our ftp site.

Bug reports may not come directly from Dell, but the same problems affect
out customers that affect everyone else.

For example,



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> Dell recommends using the bcm5700 driver if you have a choice.
> The tg3 driver is fine under most circumstances, but we have seen 
> problems with intermittent lockups on some platforms.

This raises eyebrows...

* I was under the impression Dell is recommending tg3.  When did this 

* Dell has never reported lockups to me or Red Hat for resolution.  When 
will we be seeing these bug reports?

BroadCom is actively supporting tg3 development.  If there are bugs, 
please let us know about them.


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