Latest release of BCM5700 driver for PE2650 Amit_Bhutani at
Tue Aug 5 11:19:00 CDT 2003

You may also want to visit to
download the latest bonding patches for your 2.[4,5] kernels (unless you are
running the latest kernel from which may already have these
patches built in). I have been playing with the latest bonding driver
patches with a 2.4 kernel in combination with the tg3 as well as the e1000
driver and the initial results have been EXCELLENT as far as load balancing
(RR, XOR, ALB,TLB), Teaming in 802.3ad, 802.1q VLAN's mode etc.

Amit Bhutani
Software Engineer
Dell Linux Solutions

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>Read Documentation/networking/bonding.txt in your kernel source tree.
>> Mhh what's that boding module ? Does it do fault tolerance ? 
>Currently I
>> have my two cards plugged into a switch but only one has an 
>IP address, the
>> other network card is configured as spare in case the first 
>network card
>> fails, then it switches to the second network card. Can 
>bonding do that ?
>> And is bonding part of the Linux kernel ?
>> Regards

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