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> From: Mark Watts [mailto:m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com]
> >>>>> I've had an insane number of problems getting tabe drives to work
> >>>>> from
> the
> >>>>> PERC cards (basically they dont) and had to resort to using pci scsi
> >>>>> cards.
> >>>
> >>> Dell does not test nor validates attaching a Tape Drive to Raid
> controllers
> >>> as this could lead to several possible issues and/or problems. (i.e.
> >>> timeouts, hardware lockups, Degraded performance on your raid array,
> etc.)
> >>> You will always want to attach Tape Drives to a seperate SCSI
> >>> controller (Embedded: AIC-7899, PCI: 39160, 2940U2W).
> >
> >Ah! I wish my Dell rep had said something earlier... We had a devil of a
> >problem getting a 112T DLT1 Autoloader working on a 2650... I eventually
> >stuck an AHA 2940 U2W in it and its been fine ever since...
> A little bit more information for you on the PV112T.
> The Dell PV112T 1U Rack Mount Tape Drive is supported under the following
> configuration.
> One Channel per Controller (Meaning one tape drive per controller).
> Also, the only "2" Tape drives that are available for this unit is:  DDS4
> and DLT (VS80).
> Hope this helps...

Sorry, I got the model wrong - we had issues with a 120T 7 slot DLT1 
Autoloader and the Perc 3/Di card on a 2650, not a 112T (those are connected 
to additional U160 Cards in some of our other servers.)

I assume that it would be resonable to connect both drives to the same chain 
on the same scsi card? (thats what scsi is for after all)

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