DLT tape errors

Jeremy_Sheard@Dell.com Jeremy_Sheard at Dell.com
Tue Aug 5 10:17:00 CDT 2003

From: Mark Watts [mailto:m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com]

>>>>> I've had an insane number of problems getting tabe drives to work from
>>>>> PERC cards (basically they dont) and had to resort to using pci scsi
>>>>> cards.

>>> Dell does not test nor validates attaching a Tape Drive to Raid
>>> as this could lead to several possible issues and/or problems. (i.e.
>>> timeouts, hardware lockups, Degraded performance on your raid array,
>>> You will always want to attach Tape Drives to a seperate SCSI controller
>>> (Embedded: AIC-7899, PCI: 39160, 2940U2W).

>Ah! I wish my Dell rep had said something earlier... We had a devil of a 
>problem getting a 112T DLT1 Autoloader working on a 2650... I eventually 
>stuck an AHA 2940 U2W in it and its been fine ever since...

A little bit more information for you on the PV112T.

The Dell PV112T 1U Rack Mount Tape Drive is supported under the following

One Channel per Controller (Meaning one tape drive per controller).

Also, the only "2" Tape drives that are available for this unit is:  DDS4
and DLT (VS80).

Hope this helps...

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