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Tue Aug 5 09:28:09 CDT 2003

From: David Hubbard [mailto:dhubbard at]

>If I called support, would I be able to get a
>raid battery for a 1650 that doesn't require the
>monthly degraded performance charging cycle?

No. This raid controller on this server does not require reconditioning.

You cannot recondition ROMB (RAID On Mother Board) batteries on the PE1650
or PE2650.

The PE1650 ROMB and PE2650 ROMB use Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries rather
than Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) used on past releases of ROMB. The Li-Ion
batteries do not require the reconditioning process and will keep charged by
the normal charging process. ROMB systems with Li-Ion batteries will notify
the user if the capacity is low. If the battery fails to return to a
"Battery OK" state after a few hours it should be replaced. It is not
unusual to see a battery low message generated, following a reboot, when the
system had been shut down for an extended period of time. 

The batteries used on prior releases of ROMB were nickel-metal-hydride
(NiMH) would require reconditioning due to it's characteristics where the
capacity deteriorates over time. The reconditioning process would completely
discharge the battery and determine the amount of charge the battery was
capable of holding. When complete, it would update the date and time of the
last reconditioning and notify the user every six months. 

Systems and battery matrix:

Systems     Battery Type    Reconditioning needed 
PE1650      Lithium         No 
PE2650      Lithium         No 
PE2500      NiMHi           Yes 
PE2550      NiMHi           Yes 
PE4400      NiMHi           Yes 
PE4600      NiMHi           Yes 
PE2400      No battery      N/A 
PE2450      Trickle charge (No Battery) N/A 

>Or is there a firmware update that eliminates
>this problem?  It kills our server once a month.
>The server is about two years old in case that
>matters, such as there being a new battery 
>type released since then.

No.  The Raid controller on the PE1650 is all one piece.  The battery is
attached to the Raid controller along with cache memory.  If you would like
to get all the components replaced (which includes the battery), the part#
you need is:  7F134 - PWA,CTL,PE1650,ROMB.

On a side note, the part# for the Battery is P/N: 1K178 -
BTRY,RSV,3.7V,SGL,LITH,ROMB.  However, it can not be shipped seperatly.

Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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