Latest release of BCM5700 driver for PE2650

Álvaro Palma apalma at
Tue Aug 5 09:24:01 CDT 2003

Mensaje citado por "Martin A. Brown" <mabrown-dell at>:

>  : Mhh what's that boding module ? Does it do fault tolerance ? Currently
>  : I have my two cards plugged into a switch but only one has an IP
>  : address, the other network card is configured as spare in case the
>  : first network card fails, then it switches to the second network card.
>  : Can bonding do that ?
> Yes.

Are you sure. I've configured bonding a couple of times, but as far as I know, 
it supports load balancing, not fault tolerance. It simple to test, disconnect 
one cable (I did it) :-)

In any case, I'm gonna give a second read in the manuals. 

Álvaro Palma

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