DLT tape errors

Bill Gurley bgurley at utk.edu
Tue Aug 5 05:05:00 CDT 2003

No, it's a PCI controller.  My RAID drives are on the embedded PERC 
controller, but I ordered the machine with the DLT drive with its own 

Mark Watts wrote:
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>>Hello Folks:
>>I'm new to this list.  I have a brand new PowerEdge 2600 set up with
>>RAID5 and a PowerVault 110T DLT VS 80 internal tape drive.
>>I have set up Redhat 9, and wanted to backup some stuff to tape.  I did
>>one little test backup of /tmp, but that's about all that has worked.
>>Every time I try to back up using tar, it begins to work, but then fails.
>>Here is some info:
>>The tape drive is the sole device on an Adaptec AHA-3960D controller.
> Is this one of those embedded RAID controlers or a pci card?
> I've had an insane number of problems getting tabe drives to work from the 
> PERC cards (basically they dont) and had to resort to using pci scsi cards.
> Mark.
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