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To restore the utility partition, you should reinstall using the latest Dell
Server Assistant CD. Most customers opt not to use the utlity partition as
everything in the utility partition is available via cd and download.

Alternately, if you have an available slot and do not wish to reinstall, you
could add another equal capacity drive to the backplane and then reconfigure
the RAID 0 array into a RAID 5.



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Steve Boley wrote:
> After putting the 3rd drive in your raid0 set there is no way to 
> convert it. You will have to blow it all away and reconfigure it or 
> get a 4th drive and convert and add it to the array at the same time.

Ok, thanks for your response - I was afraid of that.  Now a followup
question - How can I restore the utility partition to the raid container
after I blow everything away and create a new RAID5 container?



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