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I wrote an article about integrating OpenNMS with OpenManage sometime ago.
It may be of some use.  Basically, I forward the traps generated by Dell's
Systems Management software via the Linux native SNMP agent to the NMS.  I
also translated the Dell MIB using mib2opennms to convert those traps into
human readable XML(don't laugh) to be used by OpenNMS.  Hope this helps.

Read ya,

Joshua Giles

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We use a script that runs every 5 minutes.  Not very sophisticated, but it
works.  Swatch watches syslog

/usr/sbin/afacli @/usr/sbin/afa.cmds | grep Off | logger -p Local0.Warn
/usr/sbin/afacli @/usr/sbin/afa-task.cmds | grep Rebuild | logger -p

 #less afa.cmds
open afa0
disk list

# less afa-task.cmds
open afa0
task list

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