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Well one thing is you are trying to convert raid0 to raid5 and raid5 has
parity so it needs an additional drive for that and you aren't giving it
that.  You need another hard drive to run raid5 on this.

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I had one 33GB drive, and I've now added two more to the container, using
these commands:

AFA0>container reconfigure /partition_size=33800M 0 (0,1,0)
AFA0>container reconfigure /partition_size=33800M 0 (0,2,0)

So now I've got a 99GB stripe set: 

AFA0> container list
Executing: container list
Num          Total  Oth Chunk          Scsi   Partition
Label Type   Size   Ctr Size   Usage   B:ID:L Offset:Size
----- ------ ------ --- ------ ------- ------ -------------
 0    Stripe 99.0GB       32KB Open    0:00:0 64.0KB:33.0GB
 /dev/sda                              0:01:0 64.0KB:33.0GB
                                       0:02:0 64.0KB:33.0GB

I now want to convert this to a RAID-5 set, and I'm using the following 
ommand and getting an error:

AFA0> container reconfigure  /raid5=true 0
Executing: container reconfigure /raid5=TRUE 0
Command Error: <The specified operation failed because there was not 
enough space on the specified device.>

What am I doing wrong?  What do I need to do?  Many thanks in advance.


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