more afacli questions..

H Eskin heskin at
Fri Aug 1 14:36:01 CDT 2003

I had one 33GB drive, and I've now added two more to the container, using these commands:

AFA0>container reconfigure /partition_size=33800M 0 (0,1,0)
AFA0>container reconfigure /partition_size=33800M 0 (0,2,0)

So now I've got a 99GB stripe set: 

AFA0> container list
Executing: container list
Num          Total  Oth Chunk          Scsi   Partition
Label Type   Size   Ctr Size   Usage   B:ID:L Offset:Size
----- ------ ------ --- ------ ------- ------ -------------
 0    Stripe 99.0GB       32KB Open    0:00:0 64.0KB:33.0GB
 /dev/sda                              0:01:0 64.0KB:33.0GB
                                       0:02:0 64.0KB:33.0GB

I now want to convert this to a RAID-5 set, and I'm using the following 
ommand and getting an error:

AFA0> container reconfigure  /raid5=true 0
Executing: container reconfigure /raid5=TRUE 0
Command Error: <The specified operation failed because there was not 
enough space on the specified device.>

What am I doing wrong?  What do I need to do?  Many thanks in advance.


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