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1. Yes you can set one physical disk as a failover for any drive in the
2. No, it does not need to be as large as the entire container. 
3. The failover only needs to be as large as the largest disk in the
container. Verify with the "disk list" and "disk show space" commands.

To set the failover, use the "container set failover" command. For example:

Afa0>container set failover 1 (0,4,0)

To verify that a failover has been set for the conatiner:

Afa0>container show failover 1

If you ever decide to remove the drive from a container failover state,
issue the before reconstructing it into the RAID array.

Afa0>container failover remove 1 (0,4,0)



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I have a 2650 here with one 33GB drive and PERC 3/Di.  I've just bought
three more 33GB drives.  I'm adding two of these drives to the existing
striped drive and will convert them all to RAID 5 if all goes well.   First,
I found that I can only add one of the drives to the existing container one
at a time, and have to wait for the reconfigure to complete before adding
the second one.  Well, no problem, but it's taking a while.   Once I have
all three drives in the RAID 5 container, is it possible to use my spare
fourth drive as a hot-spare for *any* of the drives in the RAID 5 container?

I'm looking at the "container set failover" command, and it's not clear if I
can set one physical disk as a failover in case any one of the RAID 5 disk
fails, OR if  that command is for specifying a failover disk or set of disks
as large as the original container.  Does that make sense?



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