Monitoring Hardware RAID on Linux

Kevin White kwhite at
Fri Aug 1 11:58:00 CDT 2003

I have a PowerEdge 2650 connected to a PowerVault using a PERC 3/DC (a 
MegaRaid controller).

It also has a PERC 3/DI for its internal disks...

(Too much info: running database, internal disks have the OS and DB 
software, external has the DB data itself).

The box is running Red Hat 8.0.  I'm running raidmon, and I have dellmgr 
on it, etc...on startup, raidmon and megadev are run.

This morning, I went down to the machine room to look at something else, 
and saw that two of my 5 drives were blinking orange in the PowerVault. 
  The failure is a different story: my concern is that I didn't know.

When there are disk failures on my RAIDs (both Award and AMI), I'd 
really like to know, like ASAP.  I've never figured out the "right" way 
to do that.  And, in fact, nothing in the logs on the box showed the 
failures...dellmgr does, of course, but I can't be manually checking all 
the time.

I've looked for this info, and have never really found a good answer...

What does everyone do to make sure their RAIDs don't need help?



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