Sensors, yet again

jason andrade jason at
Mon Oct 28 16:04:00 CST 2002

On 28 Oct 2002, Drew Smith wrote:

> 	I am the network administrator for about 20 Dell machines spread across
> four or five colocation facilities.  My Evil Masters have been

hmm, ok, image that you're a 4' tall hunchback sysadmin who snivels
and says "yeees masster" a lot now :-)

> 	I've been through the archives, but I'm not finding the answers I'm
> looking for.  While I respect that some people will find OMSA very
> useful, we already have a network monitoring system up, tested, and
> perfect.  So, without further ado;
> 	1.) Has anyone managed to install the full (all 100 megs?!?) OMSA under
> RedHat 8.0?  Kernel is currently 2.4.18-14 stock.

until the next release of OMSA this isn't possible - RH8 uses gcc 3.2 to compile
the kernel and this is incompatible with the current OMSA installation.  there
are in fact also issues with the latest errata kernel but a fix has been made

> 	2.) Has anyone managed to pull *just* the esm module out of OMSA and
> get temperature monitoring to work?  We currently have SNMP disabled on
> all systems as a security precaution.

i think i've seen references on the list in the past to people who have
done this with snmp.  but you do realise omsa has a command line interface
right ?

> 	3.) I read in a message that there's a small, CLI-only application
> that, when run, will return the status of the fans and temperature
> sensors.  Is there any way to have *just this* functionality?


$ omreport chassis temps | more
Temperature Probes

Main System Chassis Temperatures: Ok

Index                     : 0
Status                    : Ok
Probe Name                : CPU 1
Reading                   : 27.0 C
Minimum Warning Threshold : 10.0 C
Maximum Warning Threshold : 70.0 C
Minimum Failure Threshold : 5.0 C
Maximum Failure Threshold : 75.0 C

[lots of stuff deleted]

$ omreport chassis fans
Fan Probes

Main System Chassis Fans: Ok

Index                     : 0
Status                    : Ok
Probe Name                : System Fan
Reading                   : 2405 RPM
Minimum Warning Threshold : 600 RPM
Maximum Warning Threshold : 5700 RPM
Minimum Failure Threshold : 500 RPM
Maximum Failure Threshold : 6000 RPM

i am sure you could take this output and run it through perl to get what you

for security reasons i actually disable the web interface to OMSA myself and
only start it as needed.  i use the command line stuff for everything else.

> 	I appreciate the work that's being done at Dell to support Linux...
> though downloading 100+ megabytes just to read sensors made my eye
> twitch a little bit...

you might be able to download less if you break up the package and pull out
some stuff, but it's a lot of work.. for 2G of downloads (100*20..)

check out

you can actually get it down to about 75M if you compress it, and even
less if you used bzip2.



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