I/O Performance on Linux

Fabien Combernous fcombernous at eprocess.fr
Mon Oct 28 10:05:00 CST 2002

Can you remeber to us title of message talking about this ?

Nick Pavlica wrote:
> All,
>   I was recently made aware of a large number of complaints about the I/O 
> performance on servers equipped with PERC Raid controllers that utilize Linux 
> as the base OS.  We have a number of current, and future projects that will 
> required intensive I/O and Linux.  While it is not beyond our means to use 
> another brand of controller, using factory hardware is preferred.  What is 
> the current state of this issue?  Has it been resolved, or is there a 
> resolution under development?  We are currently building our systems with 
> Redhat 8, is this distribution affected by these performance problems as 
> well?  


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