install mandrake8.0 in poweredge2650 wus at
Thu Oct 24 13:57:59 CDT 2002

I try to install mandrake8.0 in PE2650.I got some error message as following, I 
can't figure out the solution:
I use "expert noprobe"
installer asked:"if you want to insert third-party kernel modules, insert .....
.otherwise select "no".
I select "no"
Which drive should I try:
(7) aha1542.o
I select 0
I got an error message:"insmod'ing module aacraid failed at
/usr/bin/perl-install/ 577)
I click OK.
Screen display: "Found Dell Computer Corporation PowerEdge Expandable RAID
Controller 3/Di SCSI interfaces,Do you have another one?"
There three options: yes no "see hardware info"
When I select 'hardware info"
I saw a lot of unknown about the hardware.
aacraid: Dell Computer Corporation PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controoller 
3/Di[NOT Defined]
unknown:vendor=0x1028 Device=0X000d(Not Defined)
Card;ATI mach64:ATI Rage XL(display-VGA)subvendor=0x1028 subdevice=0x0121

If I select no, then 
"An error has occured-no valid devices were found...."

I don't know what can be done to solve these problem. If I use mandrake 9.0.
Then it will be OK.

Thank you for any suggestion!

Shuyuan Wu

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