PE 2650 flashing blue LED Steve_Boley at
Wed Oct 23 14:57:00 CDT 2002

All you need to do is push the button that is next to the led, this is a way
for you to identify which system in a rack you are fooling around with.
Slick huh????

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Subject: PE 2650 flashing blue LED

Hi all,

I just picked up 2 PE 2650's and installed redhat 7.3 on both of them.  So
blue LED (about 0.25 inch square) on the upper right front of the machine
stays lit on one box but flashing on the other box.  Both are running A05
bios, I updated one of them that was A04 but not sure which one that was.

So does the flashing mean something is not right?  Also I don't suppose
there's a way to program what text appears there? Maybe put some scrolling
ascii art?


Fred Moyer
Digital Campaigns, Inc.

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