kernel too big

Jay Christopherson JChristopherson at
Wed Oct 23 12:29:00 CDT 2002

Hey all-

This is on a poweredge 2650, running 7.2 (more or less... it is running all
the updates, some packages updated to 7.3 levels, and a 2.4.18 kernel).

I am attempting to address the /proc/interrupts question that was going
around in earlier threads where the <2.4.18-14 kernel revisions had a
problem with apic routing and were not balancing interrupts across cpus.
The way I am addressing this is by updating the kernel to the latest 7.3
errata kernel, 2.4.18-17bigmem (I have 6GB).  

When I attempt to update lilo, I get this message:

Fatal: Kernel /boot/vmlinux-2.4.18-17.7.xbigmem is too big

As I understand it, this means that the kernel image is larger that 512
kbytes, and that lilo would overwrite itself trying to load such a large

My problem is that I am updating via RPM, and really do not want to compile
from source (I am trying to keep all 100+ systems at the same kernel
revisions) or create a new kernel rpm from scratch, that I then have to

Is there something I am missing or is compiling a new kernel the only


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