PE1650 hangs with SuSE 8.0

Axel Grossklaus ag at
Mon Oct 21 09:04:00 CDT 2002

Florenz Kley wrote:


> you could also choose to run a version of SuSE Linux that is supported
> for Dell Hardware: these servers
> ers/Dell/cfsl_server/index.html
> certified for SLES7, and fully supported.

are they supported by dell or by suse?
i repeatedly got answer from dell support that only redhat is supported 
and since i am trying to get support out of dell, its not really of
use to have assurance from suse that their distribution
works on that server. and spending another 1000EUR/(year*machine) is
also not really what i want.

we have support contracts from dell (bronze for that machine, as it is
a low priority machine), and, to be honest, i am
pretty disappointed by the way they handle calls and the technical
knowledge of the support engineers. i am used to "real" support
contracts from sgi, sun & ibm, and this is a lot different.

and spending another 1000EUR/(year*machine) is also not really what i want.
supposed i had a support contract from suse the answer would probably be
"you have a hardware defect, its not our business, talk to dell"

so, if i had both contracts i would have spent a lot of money and two
vendors finger pointing at each other. dell saying "we dont support
suse talk to them" and suse saying "you have a hardware problem, talk
to dell".

> a more specific description would be most helpful. What software runs on 

as i said. it is almost a vanilla system. no network deaemons
apart from sshd. no other production-applications.
i dont have the processlist here at the moment, because i cannot
access the machine from here, but i can get it later today
or tomorrow.

it shouldnt be much more than
init, syslog, sshd, cron with standard suse crons (i'll check whats
configured), mgetty & agetty for serial, klogd & nscd.

> the system? Are there peaks? etc. etc. Connect a serial console to the

load on cpu/mem/disk/net should almost always be nearly zero, apart from
when the daily crons are running.

no addiditional hardware is connected.
the kernel module for the scsi-card (aic7xxx) is loaded but no scsi
device connected.

i'll post a detailed descrition of what is running, later

> machine, log the console's output to a window, when it really hangs use
> Sysrq to display processes + memory, so you'll get a better idea what's
> really happening here.

at the moment i only have a serial getty, no true serial console.
i will configure one and try that if the dell diag tool fails to report

tty, axel

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