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Disconnect battery backup for the raid cache and reseat the dimm that is all
by itself on the motherboard.  If this doesn't fix it, get service to
replace the dimm for the raid controller.  Remember very important,
disconnect the battery backup before you ever pull the dimm or you just
fried it.

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Dear list --

I am trying desperatly to install redhat on my poweredge 4400 server.  I
have tried 6.2,7.3 and 8.0 (all retail versions) with no success.  Basically
the install goes along fine at first and then just freezes about half way
through.  I can see the light on the raid controller (perc2) card freeze as
well when the install hangs.  Switching to the debug windows I can see the
following error:

aacraid:  Uncorrectable ecc error on NVRAM DIMM
aacriad:  Fatal Error see system event log
aacraid:  NO CORE DUMP, Trace not started

This is on RH 8.0 install, but I get similar errors on the 7.3 install.
What gives?  The raid card is practically brand new.  Dell replaced it about
a month ago.

Any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated.  Please feel free
to contact me off the list if this is not list worthy.



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